Welcome to Renukaji

Location and Distance:



The place is not very far, being about 100 kilometres away from cities like Ambala, Chandigarh and Dehrdun. These cities have rail heads and even airports so that you can easily go to these places straight away. Your journey to Renuka will not be inconvenient in any possible way. Once in any of these cities, you can easily take a bus or a taxi to Renuka. This tourist destination is accessible roadways.

Welcome to Renukaji

Echoes of distant legends surround the peaceful beauty that is Renuka Lake. Situated in Himanchal Pradesh, India, the lake resembles a sleeping woman and is surrounded by temples, religious lore and natural elegance. The area was founded in 1814 by Gurkhas.

The Legend of Renuka:


The entire lake is based on the story of Renuka - the wife of a powerful sage called Jamadagni who was killed by the evil emperor Sahasarjuna. This evil man wanted to have Renuka for himself, but she being pure in her love for her husband jumped into the lake. The Gods who were impressed with her devotion to her husband revived her and allowed her to live on the lake. A place with such a religious significance makes for an absolutely harmonious journey that is unforgettable.

Entertainment offered at Renuka:


Your stay here would be an experience of your lifetime that you will not be able to forget so easily. The place comes alive in November when the locals organize a fair that celebrates the reunion of Renuka with her son Parshuram. The fair lasts for several days and all the local people come out of their house overjoyed, donning their brightest garments.You can go shopping and dancing, and even explore their culture and cuisine.