Culture of Renukaji

Renukaji is recognized for its cultural and religious value and it is for this reason, many people visit the place. Here, the Renuka Temple is located within the forests. According to mythology, the story behind the temple is that Renukaji was the wife of Rishi Jamadagini and an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The youngest of five sons of the couple was Parshurama, who was believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Once, in order to abide by his father's wishes, Parshurama killed his mother. However, after killing his mother, Parshurama begged his father to give his mother another life to which the Rishi agreed. This sacred and dive incident turned this place into a centre of pilgrimage. Renuka Lake is also located here which according to legend came into being exist when the wicked Sahasarjuna killed Rishi Jamadagini and his four sons and tried to kidnap his wife Renuka. In order to escape, she threw herself into the water. The gods brought her back to life and the Renuka Lake is regarded to be her embodiment. Along its banks there is a row of temples and the water is encircled by a track.

This is not all, as the cultural and religious wealth of the place goes deeper as at the bottom edge of the Renuka Lake the Parshurama Tal is located which is a large pool symbolizing Parshuram. It is believed that Parshurama wished to spend his whole eternity, at the feet of his mother. Every year in the month of November, the great Renuka Fair is organized to reunite, the mother Renuka and her son Parshuram. The fair takes place at the banks of the Renuka Lake and lasts for weeks. The vibrant and colorful Renuka Fair showcases the rich cultural heritage of the place as various cultural activities, folk dances, and many other such exciting programmes are held at the fair.

During the fair, many idols of Parshuram and other local Deities are placed in stunning palanquins, which are carried by men folk and with a large procession traveled to the Parshurama Tal. In the holy lake, the idols are bathed that is said to be the symbol of Renukaji's body. From all over the region, people come to this fair to take a holy dip in the lake, offer prayers, and enjoy the fair. The rich culture of Renukaji is also due to presence of the Gayatri Temple and the Jamu Peak.

The Gayatri Temple is located on the left bank of the sacred Renuka Lake and has been devoted to Mata Gayatri, who is the mother of Vedas, which contains the treasure of the Hindi wisdom. The temple contains statutes of various gods including Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Indra. Above the holy Renuka Lake is also located the Jamu Peak, which is believed to have been used by Rishi Jamadagini to meditate. At the peak, a small temple has been built, where people go to pay their respect. The presence of the numerous temples, holy lakes and fair goes on to depict the deep and rich culture of Renukaji.