Hotels in Renukaji

If you are looking for some respite from your daily work, it is high time you decide to take a break and get away from the city. With RenukajiTravel Services, you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh. At Renuka, you will have a lot of places that you could go sightseeing like Renuka zoo and the Renuka Lake which, in itself offers a breath taking view.

The Renuka temple adds religious importance to this place which is steeped in history and myth. It is believed that Renuka, the wife of Jamadagini- a powerful sage, had jumped into the lake to save her purity when the evil emperor Sahasarjuna had killed her husband to defile her. The Gods being so impressed with her devotion, brought her back to life and let her live in the lake.

If you want to explore such a place which is not only well known for its marvellous scenic beauty but also learn more about the culture of the local people at Renuka, we will be able to provide you the services required to make this an unforgettable experience for you. There are some hotels that you can use in Renuka and even though this place is quite far away from the bustling cities, the hotels here have all the modern day equipment and techniqueswhich will make your stay here quite pleasant.

At Himachal Tourism’s Renuka hotel you will find a luxuriant opportunity to delve deeper into the beauty of this tourist destination. The hotel is situated right at the shore of the lake which thus gives you a brilliant view of this heavenly abode. A road divides the terraced gardens from the waters. The original wing was created according to the colonial tradition but is equipped with modern day facilities.

The rooms of this deluxe hotel are quite spacious and roomy. You will also have room heaters if you need them. There is satellite television in case you want to be entertained. Moreover you will have space for playing table tennis, go boating with your family and even go to the children’s park where you can have a lot of fun! There are also room service, laundry and dry cleaning facilities offered at this hotel.

At RenukajiTravel Services, we will be able to provide you the information on different hotels where you can stay. Here, we strive to do our best to keep our customers happy.