Places to See

While on a vacation to Renukaji, there are many things tourists can do for a tranquil and soothing vacation including hiking about the 2.5-kilometer lake, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Renuka Sanctuary or wandering in the jungle trails. Boating can be done on the lake, as well as fishing at the Giri Hydel dam. In case, photography is the passion then tourists can climb to the Jamu Peak, which provides a breathtaking view as the area is filled with natural wildlife and lush vegetation. Furthermore, the Lion Safari of Renuka provides exceptional opportunities to take close photographs of the king of the jungle and a short ride on a boat across the lake, provides opportunities to see many more water-animals, at the Renuka Mini Zoo. In the zoo one can see various different varieties of animals including barking deer, Asiatic lions, spotted deer, Himalayan black bears, lion-tailed macaques, and Nilgai Methuen. All of these animals can also be spotted at the Wildlife Park which is very near to the place and which is one of the 32 Sanctuaries in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In addition, there are also two national parks and three games reserves to visit in the state. These jungles and forests are the habitat of about 64 different mammal species, 43 varieties of reptiles, and 463 types of birds.

The lake in Renukaji itself is surrounded by a dense jungle, which possesses more than 3400 different kinds of plant life including aquatic plants such as Anogeissus, Cordia, Terminalia, and Lucinea, to name a few. As sightseeing is a vital part of any holiday, Renukaji offers numerous attractive spots to visit such as the beautiful neighboring villages of Paonta Sahib and Nahan, where one can discover the local flavor. Tourists can also explore the Renuka Garden, which is a horticultural garden full of exotic birds and rich foliage and Renuka Wetland that is one of the most beautiful of its types in the whole Himachal Pradesh. This is not all for the tourists, who can climb up to the Choordhar Peak, which has a height of 3,647 meters or visit the stunning Sirmaur Valley. Package tours along with tour guides are available for all the beautiful and fascinating sightseeing, in Renukaji.