Shopping in Renukaji

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Renukaji is not much of a shopping place. But, there is no dearth of places where one can shop to heart’s delight in Himachal Pradesh. There are districts like Shimla, Dalhousie, Kullu and Manali where a diverse range of products can be found. There are handicrafts like blankets, local made hand-woven rugs, special shoes called pullan which are traditionally worn by the local people, jewellery, metallic objects, and beautiful wood carvings crafted by the hands of local artisans. You can also look for antiques and various artefacts in the curio shops. For food enthusiasts, there are many varieties of local fruits, pickles and jams available in the food kiosks. Hindi, English and Himachali are the popular languages spoken in the region so communicating and bargaining with the shopkeepers during shopping expeditions should not be a problem at all. Good food is available in various places, whether in local shops selling traditional Himachali food with local flavours or in places like The Renuka Hotel, which offers Chinese, Indian and Himachali food to both the hotel guests and outsiders