Whats near Renukaji

Village and Town near Renukaji

The villages/towns located near Renuaka Ji are Paonta Sahib and Nahan, where tourists can go to explore the local flavors. Located on the Shimla-Nahan-Dehra Dun road, Paonta Sahib is a place of great religious holiness for the Sikhs as well as Hindus. Within the town, the famous Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is situated, which was the home for more than four years of Guru Gobind Singh, where he wrote the Dasam Granth. There are various tourist attractions in the town including the Yamuna Temple, which is located immediately beneath the gurudwara and is devoted to the Yamuna goddess. Within Paonta Sahib one can find Ram Temple that was constructed in 1889 in the memory of Raja Partap Chand. The Simbalwara Wildlife Sanctuary is located, at a distance of 12 km from the main Paonta Sahib- Nahan road, which is famous for its numerous species of birds.
Another town situated near Renuka Ji is Nahan, which is a well-planned picturesque town famous for its dust free streets and cleanliness. According to a legend, Raja Karan Prakash established the city in 1621. Another version states that a saint lived with a companion named Nahan on the place, where the Nahan palace now is located. The meaning of Nahan is lion and possibly the town has taken its name from this saint. Nahan is decorated with gardens and temples, which attract tourists to visit the place. There are gentle level walks in Nahan including the Hospital Round, Military Round and Villa Round, all of which are reminiscent of the city’s past.

The Khadar-Ka-Bagh, Bikram Bagh, and Chaugan is ta the center of Nahan’s activities. Local temples, Rosin & Turpine factories, and gift shops are among the other major attractions, which draw tourists to visit the place. Towards the end of the monsoon season, Nahan celebrates Bawan Dwadshi during which fifty-two idols of local gods are carried by men in a procession to the Jagannath temple, where they are ceremoniously floated in a pool and at midnight are restored to their niches. Thus, it can be seen that villages near Renuka Ji, have such tourist spots that are sure to leave the vacationer spellbound.