Who should visit Renukaji

A vacation to Renukaji is an ideal escape for tourists, who want to get a total breather from the chaotic life of the cities and experience nature at its charming best. Not only this, as Renukaji provides everything that a vacationer can desire as it is challenging enough for serious climbers, peaceful for honeymooners, and varied enough for photographers and animal lovers. Students will find the trip to Renukaji entertaining and educational as they can visit the Renuka Sanctuary and the Mini Zoo, where they can see different types of birds, reptiles, and mammals. Those, who love trekking and climbing can also visit Renukaji as they can climb to the Choordhar Peak, which rises up to a height of 3,647 meters above the sea level.

Merchants in Renukaji employ the bartering system, which the serious shoppers will enjoy. People with a religious bent of mind will find Renukaji, a place which provides them mental peace as they can meditate along the holy banks of the Renuka Lake as well as soak up the region’s tradition and history. Tourists, who love to visit fairs, can visit Renukaji during November as every year in the same month the Renuka Fair is organized, which lasts for weeks and is a very vibrant affair during which cultural activities and folk dances are held. With so much religious importance, scenic beauty, and abundance of flora and fauna, Renukaji is sure to delight any vacationer.