What to pack while visiting Renukaji

Renukaji is a place of scenic beauty, which attracts tourists in droves. However, when coming to visit the place, the first thing, which would strike the mind of the tourists, would be as to what to pack while visiting Renukaji. During the summer season, temperature is quite high and it is highly advisable to pack cotton clothes. Whereas in winter, the climate is pleasant and thus for the tourists it is best to pack light woolen clothes. There are various tourist attractions in Renukaji including the Renuka Lake, Parshurama Tal, Renuka Temple, Mini Zoo and Lion Safari. While visiting all these attractions, tourists would surely like to capture the beauty of these places and therefore while packing to visit Renukaji the camera, should never be left behind. During a visit to the Mini Zoo, tourists can see and capture in their frames for eternity, the images of different types of animals such as spotted deer, barking deer, Asiatic lions, Himalayan black bears, Nilgai Methuen, and lion-tailed macaques. This is not all for tourists can take close photographs of the king of the jungle, while on the Lion Safari in Renukaji.

Apart from these, while packing for a visit to Renukaji, one should always bring along walking and trekking shoes as there are dense jungles and peaks around the place, where a visit is sure to please the heart. A dense jungle surrounds the Renuka Lake, which has over 3400 different types of plant life. The Renuka Wetland is also located near the place and Renuka Garden, where the tourists would surely have to put on their walking shoes is also very near. Tourists are required to wear trekking shoes, when they visit the Jamu Peak and the Choordhar Peak from where they can get a stunning view of the entire area. Therefore, tourists should pack all these things and visit Renukaji, which is bound to leave them mesmerized.